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"I don't know how you guys trained the AI so well, but what it sent me is GOLD!"


Real Stories of Success: Hear What Attendees Have to Say About Our Life-Changing Workshops

"I love the Digital Mentors virtual workshops. They teach one concept, give you time to execute it, and then provide immediate feedback. By the end of the workshop you have clarity and a roadmap to start getting results. To sum it up - the Digital Mentors will give you a PhD in RESULTS!"

Dr. Lisa Thompson

Digital Creator

"Attending the workshop gave me the framework I needed to put all the pieces together to have a successful business. Whether you've been doing this for years and just need a little help with one part of your business or you don't know where to start at all, there's something for YOU at the workshop. Sign up and get registered today. Your future self will thank you."

Leigh Ann Levy

Digital Mentor

I love the Digital Mentors virtual workshops. It gave me such clarity and a framework to put into practice to have a successful business, and the framework can be applied to any business even if you are brand new. It was also extremely reasonably priced. You won't regret signing up they always bring the fire and results.

Elizabeth Alford

Home Business Coach

When I began working with this material a month ago, I had no idea what a 'Framework,' 'Customer Journey' or even an 'Offer Strategy' was. I just knew I needed help with packaging up my intellectual property and delivering it as a digital product.

This has by far EXCEEDED my EXPECTATIONS. Because of the gifts that lies within me coupled with this 'Framework' information, I know for a fact I am going to help a lot of women and become DigitalMentors' biggest success story!

Antonina L Griffin
Antonina L Griffin

Digital Mentor, Inspirational Speaker

"Without a strategy planned in advance of how to guide our customers to and through each stage of the long-term relationship we want to build with them, it will be easy for them to get lost and leave us along the way.

Using this 'Framework' I created a strategy that guides my customers through the beginning, intermediate and advanced levels of my courses and programs... and I make sales consistently at each stage."

Stacey Hall - Digital Mentor, 3x Best-Selling Author
Stacey Hall

Digital Mentor, 3x Best-Selling Author

"Thanks to this 'Framework,' I created a 'Customer Journey' that has given me so much clarity on WHO my target audience is and HOW to speak to them! It’s making all my marketing so much easier and more fun! I will never run out of content ideas either!

It has also opened a new door to monetize my existing skills and knowledge, my own digital products and programs that I can promote over and over again!"

Erin Birch
Erin Birch

Digital Mentor, Digital Creator

Here's What's Included in Your Personalized Compass Report

Start your journey today with the Digital Mentors Compass.  The Compass Guide is a highly customized and personalized report specific to you and your developing vision for transforming your knowledge into a thriving business.

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    Discover Your Market
    Dive into the specifics of who will love your services the most and learn exactly what to offer that makes them eager to buy.
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    Craft Winning Messages
    Get AI-powered advice on how to talk to your audience effectively at all times.
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    Handling Objections & Buying Resistance
    Find out how to deal with people's concerns and make them feel confident about buying from you.
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    Digital Mentorship Defined
    Understand clearly what it means to be a digital mentor and how it can shape your strategy and your success.
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    A.I. Powered Personalized Plan
    Where your distinct vision and our A.I. driven guidance collide, creating a personalized roadmap to success.
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    The Proprietary 9-Step Framework
    DigitalMentors 9-Step Framework (responsible for more than $60M in Digital Product and Services) guiding you through planning, building, and growing phases of your digital mentorship business.
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