Create An Engaging and Irresistible Offer in a Weekend to Attract More Clients and Grow Your Digital Coaching Business

Learn the proven strategies we used to sell over $57 million
in digital education products and coaching programs.

JUNE 19, 6PM - 9PM ET ONLY $49
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Are you frustrated with offers that fail to connect with your audience? Join our workshop and learn the proven strategies that have generated over $57 million in sales for digital education and coaching programs.

We'll help you overcome common obstacles like vague messaging, low engagement, and ineffective lead generation. You'll walk away with a clear, compelling offer that resonates with your ideal clients, boosts your credibility, and drives consistent sales. Gain the confidence and tools you need to elevate your digital mentoring business this weekend.

What Others Are Saying

What You Can Expect In This On-Demand Training from Jax, Your New AI-Assistant...

I didn't know where to start. JAX filled in the holse in defining my ideal client. Thanks to JAX I have the complete picture of who I want to serve. 

Shar N Shawn

I started with what I thought was a clear picture of my Avatar. As I used the prompts from JAX, she became clearer and more tangible. I truly know her inside and out now. Creating sales pages and lead magnets has been simple and quick. I am amazed. 

Stacey Hall
Stacey Hall
Entrepreneur & Author

JAX has been invaluable in helping in the clarification of my avatar. It truly defined her with details I had not thought of. The prompts allowed me to niche down even more.

Kim McClure
Entrepreneur & Image Coach

Enter a new chapter in your life. Equip yourself with the knowledge and tools to craft an enriching and fulfilling career as a Digital Mentor.


Have You Ever Asked Yourself These Questions...


Why do my offers fail to attract and convert enough clients?

If your offers aren’t converting, you will struggle to grow. Learn how to craft compelling offers and messaging that immediately attract your audience, speak to their immediate needs, and turn prospects into paying clients. 


How can I stand out in a crowded market and differentiate my offers?

Generic messaging is the curse of the coaching profession. Learn how to instantly separate yourself from your competitors, attracting the attention you deserve and compelling your best ideal clients to take action on your offers. 


What are the key elements that make an irresistible offer?

Crafting an irresistible offer requires understanding its critical elements. In this workshop, we'll guide you through a step-by-step process to create offers that your clients can’t resist. 


What type of offer should I create right now to get the best results?

Not sure which type of offer or program will deliver the best results for you? We’ll help you select the perfect first or next offer, whether it's a workshop, course, or coaching program, to ensure you see rapid success in your business.


What is the best offer to create cashflow quickly to hit my income goals?

Cashflow is crucial for your business success. We'll show you the best type of offer and strategy to generate cashflow in the next 30 days without the typical overwhelm and burnout. 


What is the best method to enrol more customers and clients quickly?

Finding the best way to sell your programs can be daunting & intimidating. We’ll reveal the highest converting sales process that works even if you have a small audience and limited budget, so you never leave money on the table. 

This workshop is designed to help you tackle the most pressing challenges in your coaching business. From creating irresistible offers that convert to choosing the right type of offer for quick results. You'll learn proven strategies to stand out in a crowded market, boost cashflow, and enroll more clients without needing a big audience or budget. Join us and transform your business in just one weekend.


This Transformative 'Irresistible Offer Creation Workshop' is For Your If...

  • You've been struggling to transform your expertise into a profitable online business and are seeking a clear roadmap and actionable steps to guide you
  • You are having trouble understanding what your customers really want.
  • You're unsure how to effectively package your expertise and you're looking for strategies to create valuable offerings people would want to buy.
  • You are you struggling to attract the right customers.
  • You find it hard to explain what makes your business special.
  • Selling your digital courses or coaching programs has become a struggle, and you want proven sales techniques and approaches to confidently close deals and generate the revenue you deserve.
  • You're not sure how to go from giving away freebies to selling bigger items like courses or personal coaching.

This workshop provides the solutions, knowledge, and strategies needed to overcome these common challenges aspiring Digital Mentors experience. Join us for the Irresistible Offer Creation Workshop to tailor your offers for unstoppable success in your business!


Real Stories of Success: Hear What Attendees Have to Say About Our Life-Changing Workshops

"I love the Digital Mentors virtual workshops. They teach one concept, give you time to execute it, and then provide immediate feedback. By the end of the workshop you have clarity and a roadmap to start getting results. To sum it up - the Digital Mentors will give you a PhD in RESULTS!"

Dr. Lisa Thompson

Digital Creator

"Attending the workshop gave me the framework I needed to put all the pieces together to have a successful business. Whether you've been doing this for years and just need a little help with one part of your business or you don't know where to start at all, there's something for YOU at the workshop. Sign up and get registered today. Your future self will thank you."

Leigh Ann Levy

Digital Mentor

I love the Digital Mentors virtual workshops. It gave me such clarity and a framework to put into practice to have a successful business, and the framework can be applied to any business even if you are brand new. It was also extremely reasonably priced. You won't regret signing up they always bring the fire and results.

Elizabeth Alford

Home Business Coach

When I began working with this material a month ago, I had no idea what a 'Framework,' 'Customer Journey' or even an 'Offer Strategy' was. I just knew I needed help with packaging up my intellectual property and delivering it as a digital product.

This has by far EXCEEDED my EXPECTATIONS. Because of the gifts that lies within me coupled with this 'Framework' information, I know for a fact I am going to help a lot of women and become DigitalMentors' biggest success story!

Antonina L Griffin

Digital Mentor, Inspirational Speaker

"Without a strategy planned in advance of how to guide our customers to and through each stage of the long-term relationship we want to build with them, it will be easy for them to get lost and leave us along the way.

Using this 'Framework' I created a strategy that guides my customers through the beginning, intermediate and advanced levels of my courses and programs... and I make sales consistently at each stage."

Stacey Hall
Stacey Hall

Digital Mentor, 3x Best-Selling Author

"Thanks to this 'Framework,' I created a 'Customer Journey' that has given me so much clarity on WHO my target audience is and HOW to speak to them! It’s making all my marketing so much easier and more fun! I will never run out of content ideas either!

It has also opened a new door to monetize my existing skills and knowledge, my own digital products and programs that I can promote over and over again!"

Erin Birch
Erin Birch

Digital Mentor, Digital Creator


Bonuses to Accelerate Your Workshop Experience & Results



Get a 30-min 1-on-1 ‘Pre-Workshop Roadmap Call’ with a DM co-founder. On this call we’ll best prepare you for the upcoming ‘Revolution Workshop’ to get the most out of your experience… so you can finally start getting paid for your knowledge.



Create a high-converting lead magnet, craft engaging emails, and publish engaging social media content with our secret AI prompts with one goal: help you get more leads and sales with your irresistible offer.

Claim Your Ticket to the 'Irresistible Offer Creation Workshop' to Build Your Successful Knowledge Based Business

  • A LIVE virtual workshop to discover how to create your Irresistible Offer with a simple high-converting step by step offer creation strategy PLUS high-ticket back-end profit maximizers for big-time pay days.
  • Custom 'Unique Framework' - stand out from the crowd, be unique in the marketplace and dominate any & all 'competition'
  • Powerful 'Offer Strategy' - acquire the customer with 'Irresistible Offers' PLUS get their customers to buy more stuff over and over again for consistent cash
  • Access to Digital Mentor Irresistible Offer Creation Workshop recordings to revisit the workshop content and exercises on your own time whenever you want for ongoing growth and progress.
  • Walk away with the expertise to take control of your digital destiny and build a thriving online empire.

ONLY $49


No worries. This workshop comes with a 30 day 'action-takers only' money-back guarantee. Don't feel like the workshop was worth it? Reach out to us for a full refund.

Who We Are and How We Can Help

Since 2008 we’ve been developing leaders in the digital marketing industry. Our passion is helping people just like you learn our Frameworks so you can get paid for your knowledge and build a business (and life) you love...

  • Our students have generated 4Million+ leads & millions of dollars in revenue for their businesses following our frameworks... And we've personally sold $60Million dollars in digital products, courses & membership sales.
Our ‘Digital Mentor Framework’ is proven, and it can work for you too even if you're just launching your knowledge based business.
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