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Uncover the proven 9-Step Framework to Identify Your Unique Talents, Package Your Knowledge Into Irresistible Offers, and Attract Your Ideal Client. It's Time to Revolutionize Your Impact and Income.

DECEMBER 9, 2023, 1PM - 6PM ET ONLY $49

Are you ready to turn your unique expertise into a thriving income stream? Imagine empowering others with your knowledge while carving out a fulfilling, profitable online business. Welcome to the Digital Mentor Revolution Workshop – where your journey to impact and income begins.

Our virtual workshop is specifically designed to catapult your digital mentorship aspirations. Here, you'll dive deep with the Digital Mentors Framework, a proven guide to structuring your entrepreneurial vision, pinpointing your niche, and designing offers that deeply resonate with your audience. But it's more than just strategy; it's about crafting a brand that echoes your core values and learning the art of a marketing message that speaks volumes.

This isn't just a workshop; it's a transformational gateway, turning your mentorship prowess into a dynamic online business. Join us. It's time to ignite your potential and redefine your future.

What Others Are Saying

What You Can Expect In This On-Demand Training from Jax, Your New AI-Assistant...

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I didn't know where to start. JAX filled in the holse in defining my ideal client. Thanks to JAX I have the complete picture of who I want to serve. 

Shar N Shawn
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I started with what I thought was a clear picture of my Avatar. As I used the prompts from JAX, she became clearer and more tangible. I truly know her inside and out now. Creating sales pages and lead magnets has been simple and quick. I am amazed. 

Stacey Hall
Stacey Hall
Entrepreneur & Author
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JAX has been invaluable in helping in the clarification of my avatar. It truly defined her with details I had not thought of. The prompts allowed me to niche down even more.

Kim McClure
Entrepreneur & Image Coach

Enter a new chapter in your life. Equip yourself with the knowledge and tools to craft an enriching and fulfilling career as a Digital Mentor.

Heres what's included with your workshop ticket:

3 Additional Personalized and Synergistic Components Working Together to Ensure Your Success...


Your Personalized Success Portal

The Success Portal is your personalized digital hub within the Digital Mentor Revolution Program, offering immediate access to essential workshop materials and interactive exercises. Engage with this resource-rich platform before the workshop for a head start, and continue to tap into its extensive learning tools for reinforcement and further skill refinement after the sessions conclude. Designed for both immediate application and long-term growth.


Your "Pathfinder" Coaching Session

In this "Strategic Insight Debrief",  you'll experience a supportive coaching session designed to maximize the value of your workshop and Success Portal experience.  Our expert coaches are dedicated to answering any lingering questions. More than just a review, this session is a launchpad for your next steps. You'll be introduced to our comprehensive follow-up program and innovative software solutions, designed to support your continued growth and success. A highlight of this session is unveiling your unique AI Visionary Roadmap Report.


Your Personalized AI Visionary Roadmap Report.

The "Digital Mentor Roadmap" is an advanced, AI-enhanced guide, meticulously crafted to serve as your personal navigator in the realm of digital mentorship. This tool transcends the traditional bounds of a document; it represents the sum of your efforts and commitment exhibited during the workshop, coupled with your dedicated participation in your personal success portal. Enhanced by sophisticated AI algorithms, this guide analyzes your journey, transforming it into a coherent and personalized strategy.


Have You Ever Asked Yourself These Questions...



Discover how to identify your unique knowledge, skills, and passions, and unlock the power to package them into marketable products and services.



Learn how to identify your ideal customer and create a detailed customer avatar that serves as a guiding compass for your marketing and sales efforts.



Master the art of turning your expertise into various digital products, including online courses, e-books, and coaching programs, opening doors to new revenue streams.

This is your moment to step into a world where your skills and experiences aren't just valuable, they're transformative.  The Digital Mentor Revolution Program expertly guides you in transforming your mentorship vision from a concept in your mind to a powerful, actionable strategy. We provide personalized assistance to extract and articulate your ideas, leveraging our proven framework to create a tailored roadmap that leads you directly to success. This program is your bridge from aspiration to impact in digital mentorship.

Embark on Your Journey with Guided Expertise at Your Side

Your Digital Mentor Revolution Workshop Schedule

Session 1 - Your Foundation

Session 1 is designed to first inspire and open up possibilities. We’ll reveal the Digital Mentor framework as a structured path forward, followed by an exploration of common business models to help you visualize and choose the right approach for your unique talents and goals.

  • Redefining what is possible: Reach and empower audiences worldwide, love what you do, and get paid for it. It’s possible… and we’re going to prove it to you.

  • DigitalMentors™ 9-Step Framework: This proven structure offers a clear, step-by-step path to transform your knowledge into a profitable business.

  • DigitalMentors™ Business Models: Decide what model best suits your strengths and goals (coaching, courses, community building, etc)

Session 2 - Your Client & Core Values

Session 2 is designed to help participants deeply understand their market and align their business with their personal identity. This ensures their venture is not only profitable, but also fulfilling and true to their core values.

  • Identifying Your Niche: Discover where your passion and expertise meet the greatest demand. Stand out by targeting those who resonate most with your message.

  • Defining Your Ideal Client: Understand the challenges and desires of your perfect audience so you can create targeted, impactful offerings that truly make a difference.

  • Creating Your Brand Promise: This a not tagline – it's a commitment to your clients that communicates the value your brand delivers (so they want to become your clients).

  • Core Values Exercise: An introspective journey to ensure your business aligns with your values and personal ethos. Create a legacy that resonates with authenticity.

Session 3 - Your Irresistible Offer

Session 3 is focused on developing effective offers and understanding the financial aspects of your business, ensuring your services are valuable to your clients and strategically aligned with your business goals.

  • Crafting Irresistible Offers: Transform your expertise into compelling offers. Craft offers that speak directly to your audience, ensuring they are both irresistible and impactful.

  • Milestones Exercise - Customer Journey Mapping: Visualize the path your clients will take from initial encounter to the ultimate transformation they seek.

  • Clarifying Offer Purpose to Increase Cashflow: Create a strategic customer journey ‘Value Ladder’ that gets clients to ascend to higher levels of engagement and investment.

  • Earning Potential with Real-Life Examples: A visual illustration to show the potential return on investment (ROI) in your business, and what’s achievable with the right strategy.

Session 4 - Your Custom-Built ‘Digital Mentor Roadmap’

Session 4 is designed to reinforce your learning, provide you with customized tools for ongoing development, and give you a custom roadmap to apply everything you’ve learned in the workshop to grow your business.

  • Recap of Key Insights and Access to Resources: We’ll revisit the pivotal insights and strategies so every crucial learning from today's journey is executed for results.

  • Personalized DM Roadmap and AI Overview: Get your personalized Roadmap enhanced by advanced AI analysis highlighting the optimal path for your business' growth and success.

  • Final Q&A and Complimentary Coaching Call Invite: Interactive Q&A plus post-workshop coaching call to continue your growth, expand your reach, and solidify your success.

Embark on Your Journey with Guided Expertise at Your Side

This Transformative 'Digital Mentor Revolution Program' is For Your If...

  • You want the confidence that comes with a clear custom-built roadmap to grow your knowledge based business.
  • You want to better understand what your ideal customers want so you can create irresistible offers that effortlessly sell
  • You want to build a business in alignment with your core values to create a legacy that resonates with authenticity
  • You are struggling to attract the right customers, and you want a steady-stream of perfect prospects every day
  • You want help explaining what you do in a way that clearly communicates what you do and inspires people to buy
  • Selling your digital courses or coaching programs has become a struggle, and you want more high-value clients

If you've hit roadblocks in identifying profitable niches, packaging your expertise, attracting the right clients, or marketing your services—this is where you'll find clear answers and dynamic strategies. This program is your launchpad to not just overcome common challenges but to soar above them. Embrace the chance to turn your expertise into a flourishing online business. Click the button below to 'Reserve your Spot' and let's make your digital mentorship vision a reality together."



Real Stories of Success: Hear What Attendees Have to Say About Our Life-Changing Workshops

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"I love the Digital Mentors virtual workshops. They teach one concept, give you time to execute it, and then provide immediate feedback. By the end of the workshop you have clarity and a roadmap to start getting results. To sum it up - the Digital Mentors will give you a PhD in RESULTS!"

Dr. Lisa Thompson

Digital Creator

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"Attending the workshop gave me the framework I needed to put all the pieces together to have a successful business. Whether you've been doing this for years and just need a little help with one part of your business or you don't know where to start at all, there's something for YOU at the workshop. Sign up and get registered today. Your future self will thank you."

Leigh Ann Levy

Digital Mentor

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I love the Digital Mentors virtual workshops. It gave me such clarity and a framework to put into practice to have a successful business, and the framework can be applied to any business even if you are brand new. It was also extremely reasonably priced. You won't regret signing up they always bring the fire and results.

Elizabeth Alford

Home Business Coach

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When I began working with this material a month ago, I had no idea what a 'Framework,' 'Customer Journey' or even an 'Offer Strategy' was. I just knew I needed help with packaging up my intellectual property and delivering it as a digital product.

This has by far EXCEEDED my EXPECTATIONS. Because of the gifts that lies within me coupled with this 'Framework' information, I know for a fact I am going to help a lot of women and become DigitalMentors' biggest success story!

Antonina L Griffin
Antonina L Griffin

Digital Mentor, Inspirational Speaker

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"Without a strategy planned in advance of how to guide our customers to and through each stage of the long-term relationship we want to build with them, it will be easy for them to get lost and leave us along the way.

Using this 'Framework' I created a strategy that guides my customers through the beginning, intermediate and advanced levels of my courses and programs... and I make sales consistently at each stage."

Stacey Hall - Digital Mentor, 3x Best-Selling Author
Stacey Hall

Digital Mentor, 3x Best-Selling Author

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"Thanks to this 'Framework,' I created a 'Customer Journey' that has given me so much clarity on WHO my target audience is and HOW to speak to them! It’s making all my marketing so much easier and more fun! I will never run out of content ideas either!

It has also opened a new door to monetize my existing skills and knowledge, my own digital products and programs that I can promote over and over again!"

Erin Birch
Erin Birch

Digital Mentor, Digital Creator

ONLY $49

This workshop comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If we don't exceed your expectations, simply reach out to us for a full refund.

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